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Museo di Arte e Cultura Contadina " 'Ntoni Vizza"

Where Via Presidi, 57, Parenti (Cosenza)

The Museum of Art and Culture Peasant entitled "'Ntoni Vizza", a parenthesis that began collecting the pieces enclosed in the museum, is located in ancient Palazzo Ricciulli inside historic center of the town. The museum is divided into three rooms, which in turn contain three different themes related to the rural and convivial world from the thirties. The first room is dedicated to the works of the man of that time; from the plowing of fields to the tools of artisans like blacksmiths and carpenters. In the second room you can see a large and ancient working frame together with other objects used for domestic and daily work. Finally, in the last room a typical house of the era was recreated, within which it is possible to breathe the atmosphere of the past and the values transmitted by our ancestors.

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