Point of interest

Borgo di Pisciotta

Piazza M. Pagano, 11, Pisciotta, (Salerno)

The old town of Pisciotta, framed by majestic olive trees, had lost none of the typical Medieval urban structure, with the castle on top and around the houses leaning...

Point of interest

Torre del Forte

Via Porto, 50, Centola, (Salerno)

On Palinuro Promontory, Forte Tower is now a ruin poorly preserved, probably planted on a subsequent strengthening century to defend the area of the port, in...


Museo Vichiano

Piazza Gian Battista Vico, 1, Perdifumo, (Salerno)

The Museum is located inside the Palazzo De Vargas in Vatolla, a district of Perdifumo, a small village in Cilento. The Palace, an old castle built to control the...

Historical building

Torre San Francesco

Via del Convento, Agropoli, (Salerno)

St. Francis Tower is located on a high ledge overlooking the sea, just south of the Castle, next to the Franciscan monastery of 1230. The quadrangular Tower resulted...


Antiquarium di Palinuro

Via Ficocella, Centola, (Salerno)

The Antiquarium is on a coastal cliff next to a picturesque cove in the town of Ficocella. The building was built in the ’60s thanks to the interest of the...

Point of interest

Borgo di Centola

Piazza San Nicola di Mira, 10, Centola, (Salerno)

Centola would be built after the destruction of the city of Molpa, which occurred in 547 by Byzantines of Belisario. In Mmedieval times it was the site of an...


Castello di Camerota

Camerota, (Salerno)


Teatro Kamaraton

Camerota, (Salerno)

Point of interest

Borgo di Casal Velino

Via Lippi, 2, Casal Velino, (Salerno)

Casal Velivo (previously named Casalicchio) belonged to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies from 1811 to 1860. In a strategic location, central to the territory of the...


Museo delle Testimonianze e della Memoria

Via Torquato Tasso, 68, Centola, (Salerno)

Result of tenacity and determination of Association Project Centola, the property is housed in a wing of modern spaces of former school building on Via Tasso,...

Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico di Eleia-Velia (Sito UNESCO)

c.da Piana di Velia, Ascea, (Salerno)

Ancient city of Eleia, which derives its name from the local source Hyele, was founded around 540 BC from a group of Greek refugees from the  city of Phocaea, in...