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Paderno Ponchielli

Where Paderno Ponchielli (Cremona)
Paderno Ponchielli is a comune in the province of Cremona, in Lombardy, Italy. Before 1862 and the unification of Italy, the town was known just as Paderno. After unification, the new government called on various municipalities with the same name to adjust and differentiate them. “Fasolaro” got added to the name Paderno. But this did not meet with universal public approval as the word alluded to the production of common cowpeas (black-eyed peas) widespread in the area, which might be a source of mockery in neighboring communities. In 1878, Umberto I, King of Italy, changed the name from Paderno Fasolaro to Paderno Cremonese. In 1928, when Paderno merged with the neighboring Ossolaro, the area took the name Paderno Ossolaro. Then, in 1934, with the celebration of 100th birthday of their native son, the composer Amilcare Ponchielli, the citizens petitioned to change the name to Paderno Ponchielli to honor him. On November 25, 1950, by a decree of the President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi, the municipality came to be officially called Paderno Ponchielli. References
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