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It is nicknamed "the Firstborn" because, in 1848, it was the first Italian city to vote for annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia. Populated since ancient times, the territory of Piacenza was first conquered by Etruscans and then by Celts. Become the seat of a Longobard ducat, then conquered by Franks, the city gained more importance by being on the Via Francigena. Piacenza is a City of Art that boasts a remarkable heritage. Among the great buildings of worship, Duomo, Basilica of Sant'Antonino, San Savino and the Church of San Francesco, just to name a few. Gothic Building is the true symbol of Piacenza, built from 1281 by Alberto Scoto. Wonderful are public and private gardens of historic center enclosed in the palaces, to which they give extra beauty, giving the city a suggestion. Palazzo Farnese hosts Civic Museums.

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