Luogo - Architecture

Museo capitolare di Sant'Antonino

Where Vicolo Chiostri di Sant'Antonino, 6, Piacenza

Piacenza Cathedral, begun in c. XII, has always been a destination for visiting the countless pilgrims passing on the Via Francigena. Throughout its thousand-year existence, the Cathedral Chapter has collected a considerable amount of goods. It is a large heritage rich in the Carolingian epoch to the present day: ancient codes including the Book of the Master "Code 65", collections of ancient printed music and various scrolls Lombard, liturgical objects in gold and silver, reliquaries, vestments, dishes and jugs, paintings and sculpture from the Duomo. Therein the triptych by Serafino de' Serafini from c. XIII and "St. Jerome" by Guido Reni, works of De Longe and Procaccini, and many stone fragments detached from the walls of the church. It is also reported a brandazza assignable to the seventeenth century, formerly used in the processions of Corpus Christi.

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