Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di Sant'Antonio

Where Piazza S.Antonino, Piacenza

The Basilica of Sant'Antonino, patron Saint of Piacenza, is an example of Romanesque architecture, characterized by a large octagonal tower. It was wanted by San Vittore, the first bishop of the city, around 350 and was completed in 375. In 869 the king of Lotaringia, Lottery II, was buried. In 1183 he hosted the delegates of Lombard League and Emperor Federico Barbarossa, who gathered there to sign Constantine peace preliminaries. It retains St. Antony's relics. On the side there is a cloister built in the late fifteenth century. Among the paintings and frescoes are those by Camillo Gervasetti of 1622, and five canvases with "Scenes of Saint Anthony's Life", by De Longe (1693).

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