Luogo - Architecture

Museo della civiltà contadina di Piacenza "G. Raineri"

Where Via Agazzana, 35, Piacenza

The Museum was founded in 2000 through the efforts of the Association for the Enhancement of Rural Life in the Distrect of Piacenza. The exhibition is housed at the Agricultural Institute, in Raineri School Centre located in Agazzana 35 PC. The exhibits have been collected since the 80s by Mr. Roberto Porcari. The photographs of the great photographer Piacenza Tino Petrelli complete the exhibition in terms of historical and artistic. The heritage of machinery, tools, objects connected with the agricultural work, family life and the ancient crafts of rural life is enhanced through the creation of environments that reconstruct a society that has now disappeared. The exhibition is divided into environments that reconstruct the agricultural work, family life, craft activities that characterized the society with its traditions, its labors and its values.

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