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Where Via delle Industrie, 3, Noviglio (Milano)

Winner of the Guggenheim award for the best corporate museum, guardian of many products, photographs, drawings and with an exhibition layout of 2500 mq and 1000 objects, Kartell Museum illustrates the amazing marriage of plastic and design from 1949 to the present day. Founded by Claudio Luti in 1999 to celebrate Kartell's fiftieth anniversary, the museum is the custodian of one of the most fertile chapters in the history of Italian design. The layout by Ferruccio Laviani, displaying car accessories, household goods, lamps, labware, furniture and furnishing accessories. The layout offers to the public the opportunity to admire and interpret the 1000 icon-objects since 1949 from different points of view. Through guided tours, research, publications, and exhibitions and through its extraordinary collections and the archives, Kartell Museum aims to promote the culture of design to the public.

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