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The William G. Congdon Foundation

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The William G. Congdon Foundation – formerly known as The Foundation for Improving Understanding of the Arts – was founded on the 2nd of October 1980 as a non-profit organization in accordance with United States law;  in 1982 it was also recognized as such under Italian law.
The William G. Congdon Foundation was created on the express wishes of William Congdon who entrusted it with the task of managing and maintaining his artistic legacy. The Foundation therefore undertakes to care for the body of his figurative and literary work, much of which it received after the artist’s death, and to contribute to the knowledge of the creative process in the context of contemporary art and the investigation of its ethical and religious aspects.
The William G. Congdon Foundation finds artistic expression – and the philosophical, historical and critical activity that accompany it – to be  an essential aspect of our humanity: the unquenchable desire to give meaning to reality, to our experiences and tensions, which has been man’s constant companion since the dawn of time.
Thus the overall aim of the William G. Congdon Foundation is to encourage an in-depth knowledge and understanding of cultural and artistic phenomena, with particular attention to the production of the last century. The main channels by which the Foundation seeks to achieve this aim are a systematic publishing program, the planning and creation of exhibitions on specific themes and the organization of meetings, conferences, study seminars and round tables. Alongside these activities, the Foundation collects catalogues and published materials directly concerning contemporary artistic practice and its reflections in a wider cultural context. The William G. Congdon Foundation is also open to collaborative relationships with other Institutions, Foundations, and Associations on specific initiatives pertinent to its aims and program of activities.
Having taken on the responsibility of managing William Congdon’s paintings, drawings and literary production, the Foundation has begun to document these works in order to create comprehensive ‘Congdon archives’.
A register of all the artist’s work is currently being compiled, including data sheets and photographic documents (b/w prints, transparencies and digital images).
Through several donations and lately by virtue of his will, part of the artist’s works have become property of the Foundation that manages them according to its statutory aims. Thus the ‘William G. Congdon Foundation Collection’ has been created.
The pictorial, photographic, and written documents cover the entire range of the artist’s activities, leaving no significant gap in any of the various periods.
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