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Musei civici di Novara - Raccolte di Casa museo Rognoni Salvaneschi

Where Via Canobio, 14, Novara

Witness of the link between Novara and their city, the legacy of 1985 Alessandra Rognoni Salvaneschi offered to the community valuable furniture of the family, along with the building that has always hosted: a fifteenth-century mansion located in one of the city streets more central. Objects and applied art collections, preserved in the apartments occupied by Alessandra Rognoni until his death, are the result of constant and shared her passion and her husband, who collected, in the rooms of elegant town house and service spaces, the greatest possible number of documents that could collect material culture environment Novara. There are in fact lace, nineteenth century embroideries, dresses; ceramics; Professional tools and craft; accessories for household work and an important collection of antique toys.

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