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Archivio di Stato di Novara

Where Via dell’Archivio, 2, Novara

The office, located in historic center of Novara, was the site of Convent of St. Mary Magdalene from the mid-seventeenth century. Until 1799 from 1808 became Notarial Archives; in 1970 is the seat of this Institute. Preserved documents date from the end of the ninth century to 1990; the older one is an exchange between the bishop of Novara and private town of Sozzago, in Merovingian write. Documents, in relation to different eras, including the town of Novara concerning its suburbs, Basso Novarese, the province of Novara in what was once its greatest territorial expansion, which in Napoleonic era (department Agogna) included Vigevanasco, Lomellina, Ossola, Verbano, Cusio, Valsesia. For the period 1848-1927 the funding of some documents also concern Vercelli and Biella.

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