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MUMA Museo Missionario Indios

Via San Francesco, 19/D, Assisi, (Perugia) Tempo di lettura: meno di 1 minuto
MUMA, Missionary Museum The Museo Missionario Indios, of the Capuchin Friars of Umbria in the Amazon, was conceived of by Father Luciano Matarazzi starting in 1973, when he constituted it with the items donated to him by the Missionaries from the Alto Solimões region in Brazil. Currently, the MUMA is an entirely interactive multimedia missionary museum. It is a Historic-Ethnographic-Scientific and Missionary Museum that allows deepening the knowledge, at multiple levels, of the Alto Solimões region, the Flora and Fauna, the Ticuna Indios Nation, the Brazilian multicolored world and lastly the initiatives the Friars themselves have realized with the construction of churches, buildings and schools. The exhibition itinerary unfolds on the three floors of the building: First floor, History of the Capuchin Friars and their Mission in the Alto Solimões Region; Second floor, A Symbolic Connection Between the Themes of Nature Bound Up with ‘Brother River’ and ‘Sister Forest; Third floor, The Gospels in the Suitcase, Documenting the History of the Mission in the World.