Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Rufino (Duomo di Assisi - Sito UNESCO)

Where Via Dono Doni, Assisi (Perugia)

Historians indicate this site as that of the Roman temple dedicated to Bona Mater. In feudal city, the Church of St.Rufino was the centerpiece of the "citadel of the canons" and its foundation dates from the eighth century. It was completed and consecrated in 1253; in 1571 the interior was renovated in the Neoclassical style, assuming the actual conformation. The facade is one of the most significant works of the Umbrian Romanesque style: the lower band dates back to the twelfth century and is characterized by three portals flanked by lions and carved griffins. The central portal has a rich decoration in multiple ring. Portals runs a horizontal band in shelves with human heads and zoomorphic and a gallery from which protrude four animals. The facade ends with a "hut" triangular crowning inside with a Gothic arch. On the left, the majestic Romanesque bell tower. The interior, a basilica plant, has three aisles divided by pillars. Currently, there are ten altars alternating with statues of Prophets, works by Agostino Silva of 1672. The frescoes in the apse and the vault are by Giacomo Giorgetti (1663) and Giovanni Antonio Grecolini (eighteenth century). On the opposite, the Last Supper by Emmanuel from Como. At the beginning of the right aisle we report the old baptismal font of St. Francis and St. Clare. The transept houses the altar of San Vitale, the Deposition from the Cross by Dono Doni (1563). The sacristy, which is accessed from the right of the apse, is home to more works of art.

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