Luogo - Museum

Laboratorio ecologico di Geo-paleontologia

Where Località Cà Piombino, Assisi (Perugia)
Ecological Laboratory of Geo-paleontology The exhibition is held in Mt Subasio Park, in the premises and under the care of the Laboratorio Ecologico di Geo-paleontologia del Parco di Monte Subasio. The exhibition displays the territory’s geological and paleontological heritage in the more general context of the geological time scale and the principles of fossilization. The Exhibition is arranged in three rooms: in the first room, the themes of fossil formation and of the evolution of the Geological Eras are illustrated; in the second room, rocks and fossils typical of the Mt Subasio area are analyzed; in the third room, fossilized reptiles of the Mesozoic Era coming from international fossil fields are displayed, and the Jurassic of Umbria is compared with those of other areas of Europe—Holzmaden and Thouras—while the process of the extinction of the Ammonites and Dinosaurs is illustrated.
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