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Piazza del Comune

Where Piazza del Comune, 7, Assisi (Perugia)

Located in the site of the ancient Roman Forum, dominated by the Rocca Maggiore, the rectangular Square links Corso Mazzini to the St. Claire's Basilica. To the right, you can admire the sixteenth Fountain of the Three Lions, revised in 1762 by Giovanni Martinucci. In 1228 the Square was expanded eastward, taking the current surface, and dedicated as platea nova or magna comunis. Between 1282 and 1305 the Roman temple was flanked by the People's Tower and the Palace of the Captain; on the southern side it started the erection of the Priori Palace, still the Town Hall. In the north-west, in the '20s, it proceeded to the construction of the Palace of Post. Remember, in addition to important monuments cited, the Zubboli library-typography  (since 1870) and the historic Bar Minerva, places dear to the people, who in the Sqaure celebrates every year the "Calendimaggio" Festival.

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