Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Garibaldi

Where Via Ritiro, 151, Modica (Ragusa)

The first building was built between 1815 and 1820 and called "Ferdinandeo Real Theatre", in honor of Ferdinand Bourbon. In 1844 it was given the task of its expansion to engineer Salvatore Riga, doubling the size of the audience, raising a third row of boxes and adding a gallery. After Unification of Italy, Theater was named after Garibaldi. Nouveau facade, two floors topped by a balustrade which has a central panel decorated with sculptural musical instruments. The panel is placed a clock, supported by two male figures, topped with an eagle, symbol of County of Modica. It was inaugurated in 1857 with "La Traviata", by Giuseppe Verdi. It is a little gem, with the once storied in August-September 1999 with a magnificent painted an oil on canvas by master Piero Guccione and other painters of "Scicli Group".

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