Luogo - Castle

Castello dei Conti

Where Via Castello, 702, Modica (Ragusa)

Fortified military garrison and prison, first residence of Counts and Governors, Castle overlaps a Pantalica necropolis and it was modified several times between eighth and nineteenth century. Outside is a polygonal tower of fourteenth century. In the courtyard you can visit Medieval prisons, number of square rooms built into the rock; the latest Our Lady of Medal's Church, founded in 1930 on the ruins of St. Leonard's Church; the remains of St. Cataldo's Church, private Count and Governor's Chapel; finally, three bell niches bricked today. They have collapsed in the earthquake of 1693 five towers and four gates present in ancient city walls. It has recently come to light and made available an underground tunnel dug into the rock, passing military patrol. Archaeological excavations in the area, which go hand in hand with the restructuring to re-use the building as a conference center, have unearthed funerary objects, ceramics, coins, floors and foundations of large load-bearing walls.

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