Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore

Where Via Carlo Papa, Modica (Ragusa)

On a raised position, it is one of the the most significant smaller churches. Built around 1400, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1693 and rebuilt in Baroque style with a large central dome, demolished in the second half of the '800 because of static problems. There aren't news about Church before the quake. The present appearance is to be referred to the eighteenth century. The facade is very simple, accompanied by a bell tower set back, with a bell of 1536. The interior is among the most interesting of the eighteenth century: Greek cross, has over gilded stucco and some valuable paintings (including "Immaculate" of 1762 by P. Spinosa), monumental forum with two orders in the main altar, which incorporates a "Christ at the Column" of cardboard, and a wooden choir work by local artisans.

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