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San Siro Tour and Museum

Where Via Piccolomini, 5 - Ingresso cancello 14, Milano

The Museum, (found in 1996), the only one in Italy located in a Stadium (built in 1926), tell us the history of Fc Inter and Ac Milan through a great number of memorabilia: historical shirts, cups and trophies, footballs, boots, art objects, all sort of memorabilia which get into the football legend world, and into the football fans' hearts. Many thrilling objects to teach them a new relationship between Football and support, and San Siro shows them precious and rare symbols belonged to the two teams of Milan and to the international Football scenery. San Siro appears in a new way (exciting even when it's empty) opening the doors to the most famous and unknown places of their idols, such as the changing rooms. Having had a look at the past and at the most exciting memories, a magnificent sight of the Stadium will unfold in front of your eyes. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness of one of the most beautiful sports buildings in the world. A skilled staff will lead groups inside the Stadium showing the stands, the stand of honour, the interview area and the changing rooms (with possible variations in the days before the matches). From now on, we also offer a multimedial room, where all our visitors can have the opportunity to try multimedial games and enjoy with the new technologies. Culture/ sport/ tradition and now innovation allow families, young people and tourists not only foreigners to live the stadium all year round.

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