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Museo manzoniano - Casa del Manzoni

Where Via Gerolamo Morone, 1, Milano

Alessandro Manzoni (Milan 1785-1873) lived in this house for about sixty years. The building, elegant but simple, has a brick facade by architect Boni. Bought at auction in 1874 by Count Cazzaniga, the house was renovated in typical Ottocentesco style: entrance porch and access to the study decorated with allegorical frescoes (no longer preserved) of the painter Giacomo Campi. The house was restored to its original appearance in the '30s, when the property passes to the City of Milan. The rooms of the Museum are developed on the ground floor and the first floor ("Studio", "Big Room", "Dining Room", "Red Room," "Teresa's Room", "Alessandro Manzoni's Room" and the "Gallery"), preserving the original furnishings. In addition to furniture and personal items, it can admire numerous portraits of Manzoni, his family and friends; autographs and documents; the first and most rare editions of his works; paintings, prints inspired by the "Promessi Sposi".

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