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Museo Zucchi collection

Where VIA UGO FOSCOLO, 4, Milano
Zucchi Collection is considered to be the largest collection of handblocks for printed fabrics in the world: it houses 56.000 printing blocks, corresponding to 12.000 drawings, which witness the evolution of European decorative culture over a period which spans three centuries (from 1785 to 1935). The designs testified by the handblocks go from the most classical styles, to floral and cachemere motives, ending with the first stylistic experiments of Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. The Zucchi Group has been awarded, in 1997, of the First Prize sponsored by the Guggenheim Foundation for having save from impending destruction a patrimony of material invaluable to texture history, and for having transformed the largest collection of antique printing blocks into a museum archive open to the public.The Museum offers the opportunity to observe different type of handblock making and the variety of drawings hosted by the Collection. The visit to the Museum includes a demonstration of the manual printing process, testimony to a craft which, although now vanished, was nonetheless a milestone of the evolution of textile technology. The demonstration, which is preceded by the projection of an explanatory video, also offers the public a chance to participate directly to this unique and historic process.
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