Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Marino

Where Piazza della Scala, Milano

Located in Piazza della Scala, in front of the famous theater, Marino Palace is home of the City since 1861. The building was built in 1558 by Galeazzo Alessi for wealthy Genoese merchant Tommaso Marino, and completed in the nineteenth century by Luca Beltrami. The decoration of the courtyard, probably the work of the stonemasons of the Duomo, is inspired by the businesses of Hercules and the "Metamorphoses" of Ovid. The Plenary of the Council was opened after the Second World War: dominated by the public forum, exposes the coat of arms of the city and a copy of a large painting by Figino depicting St. Ambrogio. The "Alessi Hall", the current reception hall of the Palace, is painted with mythological allegories and reliefs that symbolize the elements of nature. In 1873 it received the body of Alessandro Manzoni to be honored by the citizens. The "Green Room" is also known as "Wedding Room", as it was home to the first civil marriage in Milan; the so-called "Clock Room", however, is also known as "The Mayor's Anteroom" and retains the original roof, a marble floor, and the old clock above the front door.

Palazzo Marino c
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