Luogo - Museum

Museo teatrale alla Scala

Where Largo Ghiringhelli, 1; Piazza Scala, Milano

The history of the Theatre Museum "La Scala" began in 1911, with the decision to acquire the theater collection "Giulio Sambon" auctioned in Paris. The Museo was opened two years later, in the former Casino Ricordi, annexed to the Theatre alla Scala. To this first group were added, over the years, numerous donations and acquisitions. The path opens with musical instruments: a virginal painted by Guaracino, specimens psaltery and lutes, the fortepiano Sommer, belonged to Verdi. The visit continues with the development of some of the themes: "The Scala's Architect", "The Arte's Commedy", "The First Women of Bel Canto", "Giuseppe Verdi", etc. The Museum organizes events and exhibitions related to theatrical activity.

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