Luogo - Monument

Parco della Memoria di Renicci

Where Via Grati, 13, Marliana (Pistoia)

Renicci, in Motina district, is a place in town of Anghiari, which was site of internment fascist camp No. 97, for the imprisonment of Yugoslav civilians rounded up by Italian troops in Slovenia and in particular in Province of Ljubljana and, after 25 July 1943, even a hundred anarchists coming mostly from Ventotene. It is estimated that in eleven months of operation (October 1942 to September 1943) the field has hosted about ten thousand prisoners, 159 of whom lost their lives because of prohibitive conditions of detention. The remains of most of the victims are kept in Shrine of Slavs situated inside Sansepolcro Cemitery. After decades of neglect, recently within the concentration camp was created a Park of Remembrance that annually hosts the celebrations related to Day of Remembrance.

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