Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco

Where Via Pellegrino Antonini, 1, Pistoia

Construction began in 1289. Church was built on Franciscan model, with a single hall covered with trusses and articulated in transept chapels. The facade was completed only in 1707, with marble covering with white and green stripes. Inside the walls of the nave still bear traces of the decoration with frescoes painted during the fourteenth century. Beyond the great triumphal arch opens Major Chapel, decorated with frescoes of St. Francis's Stories (1343); Bracciolini Chapel frescoes with Stories of Mary carried by the second decade of the fifteenth century; Pazzaglia Chapel, with frescoes Stories of Saints Antonio and Ludovico di Giovanni di Bartolomeo Cristiani; Gatteschi Chapel with Stories of St. Donnino di Bonaccorso di Cino. Between 1386 and the end of the century it was decorated Chapter House (by Antonio Vite) and Sacristy.

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