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Borgo (Centro Storico)

Where borgo, Maratea (Potenza)

Borgo is historical center of the city of Maratea. It is perched on a rock ridge of Monte San Biagio, which makes it invisible from the sea. Born as a suburb of Old Maratea, it was built by the inhabitants of Castle who cultivated the valley below. Borgo has an uneven urban structure, due to the roughness of the site: the palaces and larger houses, even some churches, are formed with the union of small houses and other structures. In addition to the sacred buildings, including ancient Church of San Vito, the eighteenth-century Church of Annunciation, the seventeenth-century Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Church of Immaculate and Church of St. Anthony, the main buildings are Palazzo De Lieto, Palazzo Calderano, Palazzo D'Orlando, Palazzo De Filippo, Palazzo Eredi Picone and Palazzo Gennari. The road, closed in winding alleys, opens into a long Corso, at the ends of which there are two votive columns, and in two squares: Piazza Biagio Vitolo and Piazza Gennaro Buraglia, the so-called "Piazzetta di Maratea".

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