Luogo - Archaeological Area

Anfiteatro romano di Ivrea

Where Corso Vercelli, Ivrea (Torino)

The Roman Amphitheatre in Ivrea (ancient Epodrea) dates back to the first century AD and it's assumed could accommodate abuot ten to fifteen thousand spectators. From the original structure, a length of about 65 meters, remain the foundations, the elliptical outer perimeter wall, and part of the underground tunnels where the animals were kept. The Amphitheater was unearthed during the excavations of 1955, with fragments of frescoes and a long stretch of coated bronze to the backs of the seats of the podium. Among the finds, coins, amphorae, fragments of statues and plaster. It's supposed that the ancient city of Epodrea was an important trading center, especially in the Imperial period, when new districts flourished throughout the area between the Amphitheatre and Porta Praetoria.

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