Luogo - Castle

Castello Ducale di Agliè (Sito UNESCO)

Where Piazza Castello, 2, Agliè (Torino)

Ducal Castle of Agliè is an elegant and impressive building in the province of Turin. The construction of the central core, which are still identifiable traces, started in the twelfth century on behalf of the San Martino family. Since 1997 it is part of the circuit of the Castles of the Canavese and UNESCO site as "Savoy Residences". In the sixteenth century, the fort still had the Medieval appearance, with a central male, a courtyard surrounded by farm buildings and a garden. In 1667 the count Filippo San Martino has commissioned to the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte the transformation of the facade, the complex of the St. Maximus's Chapel, in which Peter Cremona realized sculptures for the altar and stucco walls, and the two galleries. Starting from 1823 the building returned to the possessions of the Savoy and during the reign of Carlo Felice had a costly and significant renovation of the interior and furnishings. Between 1830th 1840 they were realized the great lake and the islands, which radically changed the look of an Italian garden, giving the park a romantic aspect.

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