Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Dionigi (Duomo)

Where Piazza Duomo, 7, Crotone

Cathedral of Crotone  is dedicated to St. Mary Assumed and St. Dionysius the Areopagite. Original structure dates back to the ninth century, then rebuilt in the fifteenth century with materials from the temple of Hera Lacinia. The facade, in Neoclassical style, is flanked by an imposing bell tower and houses three majestic portals. The interior is divided into three naves supported by pillars, is home to valuable works of art: a stone baptismal font with zoomorphic base of the thirteenth century, a seventeenth-century wooden choir, two wooden busts depicting St. Gennaro and St. Denis, both of the seventeenth century, a crucifix in terracotta and a marble pulpit designed by Pietro Paolo Farinelli, in 1898. At the bottom of the right nave there is the nineteenth century Chapel which houses Byzantine icon of Our Lady of Capocolonna work, according to tradition, by St. Luke, decorated with gilded stucco, bronze and precious paintings of Boschetto (XVI century) and De Falco (seventeenth century). Of note, in the left nave, the eighteenth-century painting depicting Jesus returning from the temple, the work of Niccolò Lapiccola. Treasure of the Cathedral consists of vestments and silver, including a gilded silver chalice (1626).

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