Luogo - Point of interest

Mura Bizantine

Where Corso V.Emanuele, 2-15, Crotone

The presence of a boundary wall of Medieval period was highlighted during the course of the actions undertaken in the Monastery of Santa Chiara and adjacent buildings. Archaeological research, carried out during the operation, revealed the breadth of the wall, dated by archaeologists around the sixth century. B.C. Curtain had to defend Crotone by assaults of Goths. The best preserved of the property is south facing on Corso Vittorio Emanuele and measuring about 11 meters in length. The elevation at sight consists of three horizontal parallel courses of rectangular blocks of fairly even size to each other side by side on white mortar beds. The segments, cut in  typical limestone, all come from despoliation of the same defensive walls of Kroton (III century a. C.).

Resti della cinta muraria di epoca bizantina c
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