Luogo - Museum

MACK - Museo Arte Contemporanea Krotone

Where Discesa Fosso, 15, Crotone

MACK is hosted since 2008 in new headquarters of Barracco Palace, a major eighteenth century building in historic center. It was created to document  trends of Italian art since post-war to present day, through a permanent exhibition of contemporary artwork and other temporary exhibitions. The first group of works, which includes artists such as Carla Accardi, Nicola Carrino, Mimmo Rotella, Joseph Hooks, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Vettor Pisani, Bruno Ceccobelli, Nino Longobardi, Claudio Verna, Ferdinando Fedele, Serafino Maiorano, Alfredo Pirri, Joseph Santos and Ascanio Renda, they have added several other: 42 paintings by crotonese artist Arnaldo Mori and many other contemporary works.

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