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Museo "Amedeo Bocchi"

Where Via Cairoli, Colorno (Parma)

Located in tardosettecentesco Sanvitales Palace, home of the Fondazione Monte di Parma, the museum originates from the donation of works by Amedeo Bocchi (1883-1976) by the heirs Rina Cabassi and Emilia Bocchi, respectively-in-law and grandson. It consists of paintings, watercolors, pastels, studies, drawings, sketches and sculptures that allow us to reconstruct the artistic career of one of the greatest Italian actors of the twentieth century. The tour winds through five rooms which are housed three cycles dear to the artist painting the portraits of his daughter Bianca, studies and tests for the fresco decoration of the council chamber of the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma, as well as landscapes, family portraits and studies, drawings and sketches, some unpublished, collected in 'last room that completes the monographic museum thanks to a further donation of heirs, which occurred in 2003.Amedeo Bocchi (1883-1976) lived in the city of Emilia and Rome, but remained faithful to the international bodies transposed into his formative years in the capital, ie the line between symbolism and secessionism, not exempt from the receipt of Fauvism French post impressionist, variously deciphered by the artists of the region as the latest Garzia Fioresi and Carlo Corsi; and further such instances were stylistic, filigree, in the subsequent work were overawed by the "return to order" painting the twentieth century. His predilection for the interpretation of social issues and the human figure, particularly the female, was constant during the long journey witnessed by the works of the Museum: Lotus, White, Family, Female Nude, Tea, The threshing Exodus and demonstrate the sensitivity and the quality of this Emilian artist, painting in updating the land in the delicate transition between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In recent years, the intense activity of the Museum exhibition was aimed to investigate, through a rich program of temporary exhibitions, the knowledge of those authors and artistic movements that have been linked to the fabric of the province of Parma; was also organized monographic exhibition of the Bolognese painter Vasco Bendini, the image received (2003). In 2004, with the collaboration of the University of Parma and thanks to the material provided by the CSAC - Centre for Communication Studies Archive - was then handed two exhibitions entitled The word image, illustration and satire about Parma between the two wars, with works by Giovanni Guareschi, Charles Bisi, Herbert Carboni and Caesar Gobbo. The second was centered on the sign of satirical Guareschi. The 2005 summer season was held with the exposure under the color of pictures, drawings of Parma Bocchi, who has highlighted his versatility as a designer through a chronological process articulated in the five rooms of the palace. In addition to the exhibition, the museum has offered other cultural events such as readings from contemporary authors: in January 2006, to accompany the texts of the writer Vittorio Sereni, the abstractionist Enrico Della Torre, a friend and a deep knowledge of the poet, has produced fifteen watercolors, on display for the first time in the Multipurpose Room of the Palace Sanvitales. Recall also, in the same year, the traveling photo exhibition of Francesco Fantini W Nairobi W, a photojournalist who recently has been devoted to social reportage. The city of Parma, in 2007, he later dedicated to the native Amedeo Bocchi a major retrospective (The light of beauty and 'real life'; Sketches of Amedeo Bocchi for the Cathedral of Messina) by Luciano Caramel dislocated, as well as in a museum, in other venues around the city (Pigorini Palace, Hall of the Council of the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza, Bocchi Hall of the National Gallery of Parma). Two paintings that were on display, Two old and Study for a soul's journey, they then become an integral part of the Museum's collection by finding a stable place them within the exhibition, which also counts on new acquisitions.

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