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Museo di arte sacra A passo d’Uomo

Where Via dell’Assunta, 7, Sabbioneta (Mantova)

The sacred art museum "A PASSO D'UOMO" is situated in a XVI century building which was the archpriest's parsonage. The parsonage was gradually used as a museum from 1992. Later the museum became larger using also the ancient S. Rocco Oratory. The aim was to saveguard and make enjoyable the religious works of art of Sabbioneta. In this building there are also the historical archives, a library and a study. In the museum the works of art are subdivided in a picture-gallery with paintings and wooden sculptures from XVI to XVIII century; a treasure room with vestments, silverware, coins of the Gonzaga's dukedom and the golden fleece which is a very rare Spanish honour; an intercultural room with sacred objects of the different religions in the world and a contemporary works of art room. The main activities are: artistic and historical visits for adults, teaching visits for students and a study congress every year.

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