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Museo d'Arte "Costantino Barbella"

Where VIA CESARE DE LOLLIS, 10, Chieti
The Museum of Art "Costantino Barbella", housed in the seventeenth century Martinetti Palace, was born in the '70s thanks to the generous donations of contemporary artists and works from churches and convents. The path is divided into five sections: the first part exposes frescoes from the former church of St. Dominic, some tables of the fifteenth century, a large group of Neapolitan paintings (XVII-XVIII century) and paintings of the nineteenth century (including Cascella and Michetti); the second section exposes sketches and pottery inspired to the agropastoral world and some bronzes by Barbella; the third section ranges from the design sketches of the Bibienas to the watercolors depicting the  typical costumes of Abruzzo; the fourth section exposes a rotating works from the National Painting Prize "Michetti" in Francavilla a Mare (CH) and the "Paglione Donation", dedicated to contemporary art; the last room contains a collection of majolica by Prof. Paparella-treccia, dedicated to the greatest exponents of ceramic production from Castles.
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