Luogo - Monument

Fontana Masini

Where Piazza del Popolo, Cesena (Forlì-Cesena)

Cesena's most well-known symbol, is a fine example of Mannerist architecture-sculpture, coefficient of Neptune in Bologna (1591). Fountain is made of Istria Stone and it rises on three steps. Each prospect is decorated by a pair of grooved pilasters holding a curved eyebrow inside which is inserted heraldic coat of arms: the one on the north side belongs to Pope Sisto V and is superimposed on the sign of the city; the others are of Cardinal Guido Ferreri, Antonio Maria Galli and Cardinal Domenico Pinelli. Four fringes at the corners are topped by tritons throwing water blowing in a marble trumpet. In 2010, the restorations that brought it back to ancient splendor were completed.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY Di Sailko - Opera propria, CC BY 3.0, c
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