Luogo - Castle

Rocca Malatestiana

Where Via Cia degli Ordelaffi, 8, Cesena (Forlì-Cesena)

The Rocca occupies the northern end of Colle Garampo, bordering on Piazza del Popolo, the most important square in the city. The mighty strength of the fortress, shaped like an irregular hexagon, with seven outer towers of various shape (circular, rectangular, polygonal) and two inner towers that sway on the great walls, stands impressive. Due to the location and structure of the Rocca, the fame of its imprudence soon spread. Entering into the inner courtyard, on the right is the long east curtain, extending the large meadow on the slope dominated by the two towers, Male and Female; facing the bottom of the lower court, large iron gate recalls ancient main entrance of the fort. Through the lower court there is access to Female Tower, where Historical Museum of Agriculture is set up. From Torre Femmina, you access Male Tower, thanks to the staircase leading to the raised floor. The interior walkways, including the "Ghosts", are as accessible as the exterior, panoramic ones, and are accessed through a small door located in the middle of the east curtain.

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