Luogo - Museum

Museo del Grano

Where Piano San Rocco, Cerignola (Foggia)
The museum is located inside the complex of the Ex Opera Pia Monte Fornari and the building is located in Piano San Rocco, where you would find the Fosse Granarie. The building has a rectangular geometry with the addition of an elongated body along Via XXV Aprile. It consists of two floors with an internal courtyard. The main structure is rigid with stone masonry walls around the perimeter that extend up to support the roof. The building was built at different times, undergoing later extensions. The ground floor was the original centre, which housed the monastery of the Dominicans (XVI Century). In a second stage, the monastery was affected by the work of raising the first floor of the building (XIX Century). The building has, over the years, fulfilled different tasks: first, it was the seat of the military barracks "Nino Bixio" and then it was converted into an orphanage. Currently, it is housed inside the Grain Museum thanks to the recovery and restoration work which was funded by the Town Council and the European Community through the GAL "Piano del Tavoliere".
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