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Where Calitri (Avellino)
Calitri is a town and comune of 5,292 inhabitants situated in the province of Avellino, Campania, Italy. Overview Calitri is in Campania near the borders of the regions of Apulia and Basilicata. It is approximately 530 metres (1,740 ft) above sea level so on even on the hottest day there is generally a breeze. The Antico Borgo is in the oldest section of the town, the centro storico, at the top of which are the remains of a castle which predates the 12th century. The Borgo itself is a labyrinth of historic houses which have, over the centuries, been built into the hillside. Stone and marble stairs,frequently under old stone arches, connect the streets. Calitri suffered a devastating earthquake in 1980* and has only been partially rebuilt. The Castello at the top of its distinctive cone shaped hilltop is very impressive for its strong architectural forms. In recent reconstructions they are remerging as an important and physically attractive feature of the town. Other recent excavation and reconstruction of an ancient Neviera in the Gagliano section of the town above the cemetery reveals an extensive underground, domed, ice-house of about 15 metres (50 ft) in height and 7.6 metres (25 ft) in horizontal circumference. Restored by the family of Giovanni Cerreta, the Neviera can be visited by inquiring at the Town's tourist office in the Centro Storico. "The role of the seismic trigger in the Calitri landslide (Italy): historical reconstruction and dynamic analysis" Martino; Salvatore; Scarascia Mugnozza; Gabriele Publisher: Elsevier Ltd Publish date: 2005-12 People Angelo Maffucci, pathologist Vincenzo Pastore entrepreneur and owner of S.A.L.C.A. People of Calitrano descent Vinicio Capossela, singer-songwriter Donald V. DeRosa, President, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California. His paternal grandparents, Vitale DeRosa and Rachele Zarrilli, and maternal grandparents, Vitantonio Giuseppe Cerreta and Maria Concetta Abate were all from Calitri. Walter Lantz, American cartoonist and creator of Woody Woodpecker. His mother was Maria Gervasi from Calitri. Anthony Bevilacqua, American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. His mother was Maria Giuseppa Codella from Calitri. Carmine Infantino, American comic book artist and editor. His mother was Angelarosa Della Badia from Calitri. Megyn Kelly, American Journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel. Her maternal grandfather was Angelo Di Maio from Calitri. Sal Paolantonio, Philadelphia-based bureau reporter for ESPN. His paternal grandparents, Nicola Paolantonio and Angela Maria Cicoira, were from Calitri. Vincent Zarrilli, businessman who oversees cookware and pottery manufacturer in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents, Michele Zarrilli and Luigia Di Maio, were natives of Calitri. Mary Z. Connaughton, former board member of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the daughter of Vincent Zarrilli, mentioned above. James Cerreta, Sr., founder and owner of Cerreta Candy Company. His father, Vincenzo Cerreta, was born in Calitri. Margaret Della Badia Ricciardi, Brooklyn-born professional painter. Her parents were Giuseppe Della Badia and Filomena Maffucci, both from Calitri. Her husband, Francesco Ricciardi, was from Calitri as well. Vincent Del Toro (1923–2006). Electrical Engineer and Emeritus Professor of City College of New York. Anthony Pangaro of Massachusetts, grandson of Michele Cerreta, born Calitri 1888, and Teresa Zarrilli, also of Calitri, is a Boston real estate developer. Sister cities Lavena Ponte Tresa (Italy) See also Irpinia References "The role of the seismic trigger in the Calitri landslide (Italy): historical reconstruction and dynamic analysis" Martino; Salvatore; Scarascia Mugnozza; Gabriele Publisher: Elsevier Ltd Publish date: 2005-12 External links Media related to Calitri at Wikimedia Commons (Italian) Calitri official website Extracted Civil Records of Calitri
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