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Museo del Santuario di Nostra Signora di Bonaria

Where Piazza Bonaria, 2/4, Cagliari

The museum is located in the spaces adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria, on the hill of the same name, in a building of Aragonese origin and seat of the Mercedari, best known for their efforts over the centuries in favor of the liberation of the slaves.
The shrine, however, owes its fame to the wooden statue of the Madonna landed on the beach front in 1370, and the consequent emergence of a strong cult of the Virgin as protectress of sailors.
The memorabilia collected are, in large part, votive who survived the sinking or slavery, but collected also some items donated from rulers and illustrious people, for example, golden crowns offered in February 1816 by Vittorio Emanuele I and Maria Theresa. Vestments, monstrance, chalices and reliquaries, precious gift of princes and prelates, are thicken in the showcases. From the top of a wall glitters still the big silver offered by Queen Margaret of Savoy. Swords, decorations, coins and porcelain filled the showcases.

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