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Museo dell'Arciconfraternita dei Genovesi

Where Via F. Gemelli, 2, Cagliari

The museum is located on the premises of the Confraternity, adjacent to the modern church of Saints George and Catherine, built after the war on the slopes of Mount Urpino. The main theme is represented by materials and furnishings from the church of the same name in Via Manno, in the historic center of the city, that was destroyed during the allied bombings May 13, 1943. The museum displays paintings, statues, silver liturgical objects and vestments of the old church, and documents of the Confraternity. The exhibition is divided into several rooms, at the ground floor and first floor, without following a precise chronological or stylistic order. There are paintings, among which excels "Christ and Mary offer the Rosary to the Dominican Saints", of 1620-30. Many are the pieces of sacred silverware. Very rich and refined is the section of tissues, dating from the seventeenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. Upstairs are preserved texts, documents and archival records of the association, from the end of the sixteenth century (the Papal Bull of erection of the partnership is to archconfraternity 1591) to the present.

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