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Archivio di Stato di Cagliari

Where via Gallura, 2, Cagliari

The present building dates back to the 20s. The first proposals for its construction were put forward in 1919 when the Ministry of the Interior invited the archival institution to use statal funds to carry out urgent work of building and restoration of their homes. The archival material was then housed in the former Jesuit church of St. Teresa, located in the Marina district, where he was transferred in 1883 after a centuries-long and almost uninterrupted stay in the royal palace, located in the Castle of Cagliari. Putting aside the idea to restore the old church because it was totally inappropriate, it was decided to build a new store in the area between the current route of Gallura and Via Sonnino. In 1921 it was approved the construction project, which included two floors. The work was undertaken quickly and during its construction was permitted the raising of two more floors for temporary use of the offices of Civil Engineers. On October 30, 1927, the new headquarter was inaugurated. The building, designed according to the standards of good preservation of archival material, represents one of the first examples of appreciated building post-unification. Respondent on the stylistic canons of the eclectism, is on four separate floors in pairs by a string course; is enhanced by rough ashlar pilasters that frame the windows with curved gables on the first floor and triangles on the second one. At the front door stands a curvilinear broken tympanum resting on two pilasters. The State Archives of Cagliari has an ancient story, linked to the role of the city as capital of Regnum Sardiniae (1323-1847), passing through domination of Catalonia and Aragon (XIV-XV buckets.); Spanish (XVI-XVIII buckets.) and Piedmont (XVIII-XIX) etc.).

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