Religious building

Chiesa di San Francesco di Paola

Via Martiri di Belfiore, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Church is in modern style to a single nave, with a trussed roof. On the right it is the bell tower. In 2006, Church was completely restored in all its parts. The...

Historical building

Torre di Fella

Via Magellano, 9, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Watchtower built along Tyrrhenian coast, guard post of Cittadella del Capo, to report any Saracen attacks. Declared "National Monument" in 1984, Tower is currently...

Historical building

Palazzo del Capo (o De Aloe)

Via Cristoforo Colombo, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Summer residence of the family that owns it for over two centuries, has been opened to the public in 1991 after a careful restoration work. The building occupies the...

Historical building

Torre di Parise

Strada Statale 18, 34, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Watchtower was built along Tyrrhenian coast to report any Turkish attacks. It is a parallelepiped Tower rectangular in plant, equipped with a bead of crowning and...

Religious building

Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

Strada Statale 18, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

After First World War, John the Baptist's Chapel in Del Capo Palace could no longer be enough to accommodate the population that had greatly increased. In 1926-27...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena (o del Calvario)

Piazza Ferrante, 2, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Church of the sixteenth century, preserves inside a painting by Hendricks, a marble statue depicting "Madonna with Child", originally placed on a column at the...

Religious building

Convento di San Francesco di Paola

Via Galileo Galilei, 100, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Built by Pietro Antonio I Sanseverino between 1518 and 1520, included at the beginning only Church of Santa Maria di Loreto. In 1535 the prince promoted the...