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Mosaico delle Terme romane

Where Via Guelfa, 2A, Bevagna (Perugia)
The Mosaic Floor of the Roman Thermal Baths The remains of the Roman Thermal Baths are located in the extreme northern side of Bevagna, between Piazza Garibaldi and Via delle Terme Romane. They are a well-preserved evidence of a Roman public complex pertaining to the Roman town of Mevania, a town crossed along all its length by the Flaminian Way western branch, and traced out for the alignment of that urban tract that goes from Corso Amendola - Corso Matteotti. Today the Mosaic is part of the Circuito Museale Cittadino—Town Museum Circuit—that includes the visit to the Museo Civico and Torti Theater. The excavated sector has evidenced the remains of four rooms pertaining to a vast thermal complex of public nature in Mevania, a center recalled by the Itineriaria and by the Greek geographer Strabone for its collocation along the Flaminian Way western branch. The main room, 12 by 6,75 meters—whose walls were decorated with niches and marble slab coating—shows a rich mosaic of inlaid black and white cut stones reproducing a marine subject with octopuses, dolphins and lobsters at its center, which can be dated back to the 2nd century A.D.
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