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Museo storico della giostra

Where PIAZZA MATTEOTTI, 85, Bergantino (Rovigo)

The Museum itinerary "The Elsewhere places" unwinds through the rooms of the ancient Strozzi Palace, presenting games and performances that reconstruct three interconnected histories: 1. the history of the Fair and the Amusement Park, with particular attention to the Italian area; 2. the history of the most popular carousels, their evolution from the ritual games of the most ancient civilizations to our modern ”dizzy rides“ 3. the origins of the Bergantino’s Travelling Show and the Veneto District of the Amusement Ride.
The exhibition shows mainly documents supported by antiquities, musical instruments of the period, artistic works, paintings, publications, prints and photos both original and reproduced, with touch screens and video playing available into the rooms. The Museum has a rich exhibition that takes care about communication and didactics, and it’s also a centre for research and documentation of travelling shows. Every year this activity increases our photographic and documentary archives

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