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Centro ambientale archeologico museo civico Pianura di Legnago

Where VIA ENRICO FERMI, 10, Legnago (Verona)

The Environmental and Archeological Complex - Municipal Museum has its premises in Legnago in an early 19th century Austrian military building, which was originally used as cavalry barracks and later as an artillery-proof military hospital. Following restoration work completed in 1999, it now houses the most important archaeological finds from the Verona plain in the past 30 years of excavation, covering a period of about 5,000 years, from the 5th millennium B.C. (Old Neolithic) to the 2nd - 1st centuries B.C. (late Iron Age).

The Complex is a point of reference for the entire plain area with a wide range of facilities including educational laboratories for families/schools, university research and study activities, as well as the development and promotion of the archaeological and environmental heritage. Facilities also include a bookshop and a conference and refreshment areas, which also have ramp access for the disabled.

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