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Museo archeologico di Isola della Scala

Where VIA ROMA, 5, Isola della Scala (Verona)


The Isola Della Scala Archaeological Museum is located in the 17th century Sant’Antonio Chapel, inside the former Santa Maria Maddalena church, well known as "Chiesa dei frati" (Friaries Church). The museum comprises artefacts retrieved from both archaeological excavations and field surveys, carried out along the rivers Tamaro and Tione, as well as in the southern Verona valley.

The artefacts displayed inside the cases of the museum hall follow a chronological order, going from the Bronze Age to the Lombard period. Bronze Age clay and stones vases, together with bronze and bone artefacts, are among the most interesting pieces of the collection. The Roman period collection comprises the significant material from the Roman cemetery unearthed in the San Carlo di Pellegrina turbary, including two remarkable sarcophagi with the respective funerary sets. Noteworthy pieces are also the emperor Massenzio milestone, found at Falceri, the gem holding the portrait of the empress Livia from Trevenzuolo, as well as the cylindrical stone urn with its glass balsam jars. Moreover, the collection displays many Roman coins and several funerary gravestones. 

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