Luogo - Point of interest

Fontana del Lantro

Where Via della Boccola, Bergamo

The Fountain, located in the basement of the church of St. Lorenzo, has two tanks: the minor in a high position, and the main one with a square base and a capacity of 400 cubic meters. Built of hewn stone, has a backbone located in the center of the tank with round arches and pointed arch. It's powered by two small springs: the source of Lantro, which arises from a cavity under the church and gives its name to the Fountain itself, is the oldest and has a greater range; the other, called source of St. Francesco, was discovered and exploited at a later time, during the construction of the walls.


Free visits each Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9:30/12:30 a.m.; 2:30/6:30 p.m.

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