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Museo storico di Bergamo

In the frame of the fourteenth-century monastery of S. Francesco, in 1996, was opened the first section of the Historical Museum of the City of Bergamo. The exhibition opens with a faithful reconstruction of the tree of liberty, erected in March 1797 during the days of the Republic of Bergamo. Already in this first section of the city, its form urbis, its architecture become the protagonists of the exhibition: thematic maps digitized and two computer helps you to orientate in the urban history of Bergamo. The section devoted to the period 1815-1847 examines the development of manufacturing, particularly linked to the silk sector, and the economic and social development of the fair in Bergamo. For the years 1848-1849 were investigated various political and social components, represented not only through objects of war, but also thanks to the revolutionary gadgets which fans tricolor, cups, scarves, flags, patriotic paintings. The decade 1849-1859 occupies a substantial portion of the exposure because many of his men have had important national posts. The banner of Bergamo boasts the title "City of the Thousand. They were in fact 174 Atalanta, who came in fourth with Garibaldi: photographs, busts and paintings not only give us the faces of the participants, but also their social and political life. The route continues tracing the role played by Bergamo in the completion of unification after 1860, and presenting the reality of the city and province: the urban structure and land, the organization of public and private health care, the education system and the production situation, which sees the coexistence of activities and traditional ways of working with an increasingly intense industrial development, documented by a multimedia station. Closes exposition Reconstruction of Porta Nuova, a symbol of the hegemonic role assumed in the period up area in plan than the one on the hill. 
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