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What to see in Matera - from the Cathedral to the MUSMA

It has been deemed a very popular location for 2019, but not only. The “Città dei Sassi” is always a top destination. What is there to see in Matera besides the neighborhoods con-taining the famous Sassi? A great deal: the Cathedral of Matera; the MUSMA M


Christmas 2019 in Matera

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The three-day break for All Saints' Day 2019: where to go

Three days of relaxation where you can discover unique places which are rich in history: places to relive the magic of culture and fun. Here are some tips…

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Travelling to Puglia by car: the perfect itinerary

The heel of the boot is a region full of beauty that comes in a thousand different flavors, that is found in the stone that bears witness to centuries of history, that is experienced on the paradisiacal beaches and  explored through the untouched nature.