Luogo - Museum


Where VIA DEL MAGGIO, SNC, Accettura (Matera)

The Museum of worship Tree's Worship, inaugurated in 2005, is an ethno-anthropological museum. Arboreal cults that developed in antiquity are few traces remain, marriage rites linked to the rural world and predominantly animist. The Museum, unique in Europe, try to reconstruct the history and types of arboreal cults in Lucania. Among the places that celebrate the "Mays" in addition to Accettura: Oliveto Lucano, Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano; in the Pollino area, Rotonda, Viggianello, Terranova di Pollino, Alessandria del Carretto and Castelsaraceno; in the rest of Italy, Ponte Nossa, Fontanella Grazioli, Pastena, Vetralla, Bayard, Baiano, Terrasini. The Museum is located inside the Natural Park of Gallipoli - "Small Lucane Dolomites", for which also performs the activities of the Visitor Center. The Mmuseum also has a library and a video library.

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